Boys Boarding Schools in Gastonia, North Carolina

Troubled Teen Boarding Schools in Gastonia, North Carolina can help troubled boys in changing their lives.

boys boarding schoolsThe choice to turn over the care of your misbehaving teenage son can be one of the heaviest and most painful decisions a parent ever faces.

Boarding schools for troubled boys in Gastonia, North Carolina are often the ideal solution to treating your son if he is displaying negative behaviors. The training of our staff members and the incredible testimonials of graduates and their families prove this. At this boarding school, we provide therapy, academics, healthy fun, and practical skills to turn problematic boys’ lives around.

boys boarding schoolsPine Mountain Academy provides life transformation to boys who are struggling with life-impacting behaviors or attitudes. PMA desires to see every boy understand his purpose and achieve his God-given potential. The program features a number of elements, but the overall goal is to see boys get prepared to transition successfully back to a normal and healthy lifestyle.

Each student is specially managed by a Pine Mountain Boys Academy on-site Counselor. Along with individual and group counseling, this Counselor is also required to make a smooth delivery of all of Pine Mountain Boys Academy’s services to the student and family. The counselor is the case manager for the family, always ready to answer questions and give updates on the boy’s progress.

boys boarding schoolsThough it may look overwhelming during such a stressful time, it is frequently best that your son gets distance from their current environment and associates in Gastonia, North Carolina. Teens who attend boarding schools for troubled boys inside their own home area are at a much higher risk of running away from the program early, cancelling out the benefits they might otherwise receive. Admitting them in a safe, highly structured environment away from Gastonia, North Carolina is crucial to properly rehabilitating troubled teenagers.

Healthy outcomes to troubled students at all boys boarding schools in Gastonia, North Carolina.

boys boarding schoolsThis school is unlike typical institutions in North Carolina, in that it offers a compassionate, relaxing atmosphere where boys feel cared for and relaxed, while being highly supervised. This has been shown to be the background in which teenagers find the highest measure of success. If your son is exhibiting depression, anxiety, lack of self-esteem, trauma, or drug and alcohol abuse problems, our program’s staff is qualified to deal with these struggles and help them to heal.

Creating a program that does not feel like an institution is necessary for successful therapy. If boys do not feel at-home and cared for, they can not be able to be as forthcoming as they will have to be to allow our counselors and therapists to truly get to root issues that lead to unhealthy and problematic behaviors.

Children struggling in school in Gastonia, North Carolina can achieve success with correct support at therapeutic boarding schools like Pine Mountain Academy.

boys boarding schoolsThe scholastic program offered at this academy is uniquely designed with unhealthy teens in mind. Certain boarding schools insist upon keeping tight standards of academic excellence. At this boarding school, we recognize that dysfunctional teens typically have fallen behind in schoolwork and are in need of specific academic support that can get them back on track. Although academic achievement is, of course, the ideal, this program is designed to cope with the unique needs of troubled teenagers. In addition to academics, counseling is essential to heal problematic thought patterns that are at the root of many of the issues teens are facing. Only focusing on external issues like actions and school will not be enough in terms of shaping a genuine, lasting modification in these teenagers. In fact, once the emotional and spiritual components of these teenager’s ailments are addressed, they often straighten out in other parts of their lives, like academics and behavior.

Inappropriate behavior in teenagers in Gastonia, North Carolina can be a overwhelming concern. The boarding school is designed to help troubled boys!

boys boarding schoolsTeens experimenting with drugs or displaying emotional abnormalities like depression frequently have little interest in physical recreation, which are good and appropriate for teenagers. At this program, we push for a re-discovery of their natural interest in recreation and the outdoors. Keeping teens physically challenged gains fitness and confidence, which are important additions to the therapy students experience. Students at this facility learn effective, practical work skills. This teaches responsibility and accountability, as well as increasing self-esteem. Teenagers learn, in this therapeutic setting, to balance work and recreation, building a practical and admirable work ethic. This goes on into their life after their time here, letting them to become viable, productive members of society.

Within this supervised and supportive program, students can learn principles, and find God. This is the only effective technique for teens to overcome the selfishness and self-centeredness that causes the majority of their dysfunctional patterns, from addiction to other behavioral disorders. Within a healthy structure, and surrounded by healthy influences, students gain a new, healthy peer group that can hold them accountable and encourage them in their new, moral way of living.

Risks facing difficult teens in Gastonia, North Carolina without proper treatment.

Troubled teenagers vulnerable to a vast scope of negative behaviors, many of which can destroy their lives, in addition to the lives of those around them. If your son is a dysfunctional teenager in Gastonia, North Carolina, this program can help. By providing therapy, academic rehabilitation, and a useful program of spiritual principles, this program provides an honest answer that can change your son’s life. Our staff is highly experienced and dedicated, caring sincerely about the recovery of each and every resident.

Although not a program in Gastonia, North Carolina, Pine Mountain is a boarding school for troubled youth that can help your teenage boy.

boys boarding schoolsTroubled teens often require more assistance than is possible within their own household. A compassionate and supportive family are, unfortunately, not always sufficient to change the dangerous behaviors of such a teenager. This program offers solutions, however, and teaches a true solution that can transform your son into a healthy, helpful child, returning them to you a transformed young person. Pine Mountain Boys Academy provides life change to individuals through a faith-based and inspirational program. We desire to see every boy match his God-given potential. Our program includes a number of elements, but our ultimate goal is to see boys ready to transition happily and appropriate lifestyle, whether that be higher education, ministry or the workforce.

Pine Mountain provides one-on-one therapy, group counseling and therapeutic Christian curriculum. We know that placing academics back on track makes a profound alteration in the lives of teens who are overcoming life-controlling troubles. While enrolled in Pine Mountain Boys Academy, students work on their secondary education in our accredited private school. We employ a dual enrollment program with Alpha Omega Academy, which provides a fully accredited Christian curriculum. Boys work under the instruction of a qualified teacher, with tutors accessible for additional assistance. Pine Mountain Academy has helped many problematic teens, just like yours, get their lives back on track. We empathize with how overwhelming and difficult it can be as the parent of a difficult teen, and we understand what succeeds to provide enduring change. Call us at (888) 452-7111 to start the process of letting Pine Mountain change your boy’s life.

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Gastonia is the largest city and county seat of Gaston County, North Carolina, United States. It is also the third largest suburb of the Charlotte Area, behind Concord and Rock Hill. The population was 71,226 as of July 2011 . Gastonia has experienced steady growth, with a population increase between 2000 and 2010 (according the US Census Bureau) of nearly 8.2%.

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Pine Mountain Academy is successful in its devotion to helping adolescent boys who are struggling with their adoption, anxiety, depression, PTSD, ADHD, failing grades, school expulsion, negative motivations, or general misbehavior.

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Boys Boarding Schools in Gastonia, North Carolina

For boys boarding schools in Gastonia, North Carolina -- please consider Pine Mountain Boys Academy, a therapeutic boarding school for difficult and misbehaving boys